Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Garda Brutality Exposes Right-wing Media and Pathetic USI Leadership

RTE News - Garda Brutality

Finally, the footage which has been doing the rounds online has made it onto the news, showing clearly the brutality of the Gardaí. Eddie McCabe, in an excellent article available here pretty much sums things up. There is also an excellent article at Come here to Me! which put things in historical perspective. To that end, I'm putting up a few pictures from my research into 1960s republicanism to complement the CHTM article.

March 1969 United Irishman
March 69 UI
June 69 UI, The paper used Garda brutality and draconian legislation like the Special Powers act to depict the Southern state as brutal, authoritarian and even fascistic.
March 69 UI, From article 'Defence Tactics for Demonstrators'

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